Supporting institutions for developing a methodological and organizational framework for planning, development and implementation of public policies ■ Implementation of strategic planning process at local, regional or national scale ■ Ex-ante sau ex-post evaluation of public policies

Integrated urban development plans

A modern urban community must assimilate and promote a strategic vision regarding its future developmnent for a rationally use of oportunities and resources.

Integrated urban development plans look for urban development in medium and long term and provide predictibility to business development. The variety of funding opportunities, from EU funds to public-private partnerships, can provide a more efficient city hall budget to increase people’s quality live and to stimulate business and investmet.

Integrated urban development plans  mainly cover:

a) recovery of urban infrastructure and improving urban services;

b) sustainable development of business environment;

c) reabilitation of social infrastructure.

Along with urban developing planning , is necessary, however, a judicious planning of community resources, especially financial ones, a process that takes the form of multi-annual planning of investments.

Investment objectives will be arranged in descending order of their priority and are evaluated in terms of investment and operation time and cost.

Multi-annual investment programs help setting order of priorities in programming and funding investments, ensure coherence and consistency in investment process by consistently steering limited financial resources to priority projects, ensure financial continuity on periods exceeding a legilative mandate, ensure coordination of financial planning  and scheduling execution of investment objectives and strengthen financial credibility.

Weekly analysis

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