Addvances is a management and marketing consultancy company that provides integrated services in sustainable development of public and private sector. Addvances assists clients throughout the process of planning and implementation of projects, starting from the study of development needs , through research and analysis, continuing with the development of strategies, plans and projects and deal with implementation.

Project management

Project management services have been developed in Addvances company due to increasing demands from company clients to implement plans and developed strategies.

Closely related to areas of expertise of the company, we provide integrated services of project management, from identifying funding sources to developing technical and economic documentation and providing specialized assistance in implementation.

Through our services of project management, we also assist private and public clients in the development and management of the investment program. We deal individual projects by taking into account all interdependent factors in customer projects and those of direct and indirect competitors.

Weekly analysis

Exports and imports in Romania, compared to EU countries

EXPORTS  Across the 27 countries of the European Union, were exported, in 2012, products totaling 4.515,1 billion, of which 62.7% were within the Union and 37.7% with the other countries of the world. From 2003 until now, exports grew by…

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