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Business to Business studies

Business to Business studies are undertaken among organizational customers who are users of products or services. The studies in this category are mainly quantitative and most of them are made by interviewing top or middle management of client company/collaborator.  Furthermore, in the complex studies underlying the investment, Business to Business studies may involve collection of technical and financial offers and technical documentation.

The most common types of Business to Business studies performed are:

Fundamenting studies.

The main category of studies in Addvances portfolio is the fundamenting studies and analyzes category. Since 2004 the company has implemented dozens of fundamenting studies  for projects totaling more than 200 milllion euros. Addvances has a unique expertise at regional, by underlying most important public investments made by EU pre-accession and structural funds.

These studies also aim the private sector , which intends to develop new business: development of production and  distribution companies, network of stores, real estate investments etc.

Fundamenting studies are similar to studies that are testing new markets. Through fundamenting studies are also evaluated economic and financial dimensions of new business, macro trends and intern / international law, domestic and international competitive environment, barriers to entry/exit  to/from the branch.

Starting 2013, Addvances, following a process of research, has developed its own forecasting methodology which adds high value to its studies.
Customer satisfaction studies on  products and services

Researches on organizational customer satisfaction (resellers / middlemen) are similar to those carried out among final customers. Unlike the latter, the determinant attributes of satisfaction are more varied.

Analysis of customer satisfaction to products is wider and takes into account, in addition to the end-users study, at least the following issues: individual packaging of products and containers packaging, types/models, offer of colors/flavors/equipment/etc, prices for each category, quality/price ratio, marketable products, related services.


Studies assessing trade policy

 Studies assesing company’s trade policy are also part of the category of satisfaction studies, this time referring to the folowing issues: overall satisfaction on company policy and ordering system, satisfaction with the sales team, merchandising team and delivery team, discounts policy, price policy, payment terms offered, payment instruments required, the correlation between order and delivery, full and timely delivery of the order, the delivery system during the season, the support provided by marketing materials, advertising campaigns and more.

As with customer satisfaction studies on products and services, trade policy evaluation is done through a quantitative study, at our clients place, on a sample drawn from the population of clients of the company

Weekly analysis

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