Development Needs Analysis ■ Identifying sources of funding ■ Analysis of project eligibility ■ Drawing up the financing documentation ■ Assistance in obtaining financing ■ Advice and assistance in project implementation

Developing financing documentation

No matter who the sponsor is, funding documents must contain a number of common components, unless there are specified indications of the potential sponsor for a specific structure to be followed. Once it becomes familiar with all requirements and eligibility criteria, the preparation of the necessary documentation to obtain the grant can start.

From an idea, from a need and even from an opportunity to a concrete project that is suitable to receive funding, a company that prepares a funding project for an applicant must pass through several stages and steps.

Project design phase essentially involves clarifying the objectives and expected results. For any grant, a project is viewed as a set of activities, performed in a certain time, with a certain resource consumption, that contribute to change a current situation(unwanted) in a future situation (desirable).

Obtaining funding requires preparing a funding file, which containes, in addition to the Applicant Form, a number of documents known as „related documents”or attachements to the Applicant Form, which essentially are represented by technical and economic studies.

The number and type of documents that has to be attached to the Aplication Form may differ deppending on granter and on type of beneficiary (public authority, company, NGO, etc.).

Weekly analysis

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