Supporting institutions for developing a methodological and organizational framework for planning, development and implementation of public policies ■ Implementation of strategic planning process at local, regional or national scale ■ Ex-ante sau ex-post evaluation of public policies

Institutional Development

Consulting services in the field of institutional development, look for improving organizational performance, creating relevant institutional structures, increasing institutional and individual responsibility, improving transparency and communication between management and employees and setting priorities for an efficiently and effectively allocation of resources.

To achieve these specific objectives, is necessary to go through a complex and complete process, starting from a realistic audit of current situation and establishing strategic objectives of institutional development. Institutional development can only be achieved through a process of strategic planning.

Strategic planning will provide direction and long-term goal of the organization, which aims to ensure the organization’s competitive advantages, configuring resources that matter, to achieve the objective for which the organization was created.

Among the concrete results of consultancy services for institutional development, most frequently encountered are:

  • – ROF and organization plan rethinking;
  • – designing and implementing a system of performance indicators for each hierarchical level of institution;
  • – familiarity with multi-annual budgeting and developing a practical guide for its implementation;
  •  – implementing modern management methods and dashboard techniques;
  • – development of procedures manuals;
  • – organizing training sessions and integrated programs to develop professional and management skills of human resources within the organization.

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