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Project audit

Through our partners, Addvances can provide accounting financial expertise services and audit financial services of the project.

Accounting financial expertise  services relate to separate accounting organization for the project, using  analytical accounts, in accordance with the legal disposals. Project accounting records  will be carried out by an expert accountant under the law, in cooperation with the financial and accounting departments of each partner; he will sign and date the records relating to the operations of the project.

Financial audit services consist in verifying that all costs, declared by the beneficiary in the interim or final request, are real, accurately recorded and eligible in accordance with the grant agreement.

Verifying the eligibility of expences, claimed by the beneficiary in the Financial Report for Action, focuses on:

  •  – General procedures
  •  – Costs with budget accordance and analytical review
  •  – Selecting expenses for verification
  •  – Accuracy and data logging
  •  – Documents and data clasification
  •  – Compliance with public procurement rules
  •  – Administrative costs (indirect)
  •  – Income verification

Weekly analysis

Exports and imports in Romania, compared to EU countries

EXPORTS  Across the 27 countries of the European Union, were exported, in 2012, products totaling 4.515,1 billion, of which 62.7% were within the Union and 37.7% with the other countries of the world. From 2003 until now, exports grew by…

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