Addvances sustains performance

ADDVANCES is a unique way of feeling, thinking and acting; is a certain attitude and a certain behavior, both internally and in relation to external partners. ADDVANCES is an organization built on strong values, high etical and professional standards that truly diferentiate and individualize the company.


Internship Addvances

Under the partnership with “Al. I. Cuza” Iaşi University and beyond, Addvances supports the development of future professionals by offering internships programs. Such a program, implemented on a minimum of 3 months, is not only an insight into future professional life, but a program with actual results in personal and professional development.

Addvances internship program includes, in particular, the  following areas or competences:

  • Statistics and economic foresight
  • Public management
  • Organizational Management
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Project management
  • Financial Management


Whether you are a student or a professional with extensive experience, we are pleased to meet you.

Inclusion of any information in our database is strictly confidential. SC Addvances Strategic Solutions Srl guarantees the security and confidentiality of the information provided, which is accessible only to authorized persons.

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