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Sectoral studies and analysis

Mainly developed in recent years, this category of studies is the basis of economic and social development programs in the short, medium and long term, of  forecasts and studies regarding  macroeconomic, sectoral and regional equilibrium.

Our  main categories of sectoral studies and analyzes are:

– Studies that evaluate the business environment and competitiveness of SMEs in Romania;

– Studies to evaluate the impact of promotion and investment projects;

– Studies on urban development;

-Studies to evaluate the innovation potential at regional;

– Studies evaluating disparities at micro-zone or regional level;

– Socio-economic studies and analyzes;

– Sectoral studies: agriculture, fisheries, health, tourism, etc..

Weekly analysis

Exports and imports in Romania, compared to EU countries

EXPORTS  Across the 27 countries of the European Union, were exported, in 2012, products totaling 4.515,1 billion, of which 62.7% were within the Union and 37.7% with the other countries of the world. From 2003 until now, exports grew by…

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