ADDVANCES  is privileged to have been born about the same time with the start of public administration reforms in Romania and market development consultancy services  addressed to public and private sectors.

Acting on a market in constant transformation, development and improvement, we can say that, in our turn, we contributed to the professionalization and thereafter  to specialization of consultancy services. Proofs are hundreds of recomandations received from our customers and  positive feedbacks of our parteners and collaborators.

Addvances has now, after a decade, a portfolio of services that provides the highest level of professionalism:

  • –          Sectoral analysis and micro and macro-economic forecasts;
  • –          Internal audits and institutional reorganization;
  • –          Strategies for sustainable development and sectoral strategies;
  • –          Multiannual investment services;
  • –          Business plans;
  • –          Strategic marketing and communication plans;
  • –          Project management.




From starting point we wanted our services to be a small part of a much larger and more complex gear. Therefore, the success of our services is based on a comprehensive approach and on the management of all factors and consequences that revolve around a single project. We learned, in time, that everything is inter-related and we can never look simple a project, as simple as it seemed.

We believe that  approaching each service provided at a high  level of specialization, expertise and responsibility, is the basis of the partnerships we have developed with our partners. At the same time, understanding the context and development projects related to customers, always allowed us to provide high value-added  services.


ADDVANCES headquarters is in Iasi, Romania. The company has two local offices in Brussels (Belgium) and Bucharest (Romania).

ROMANIA - headquarters
A: Iasi, 155 Soseaua Nicolina
T: 0040 728­ 082 102
F: 0040 332­ 404 729
E: Office@Addvances.ro