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Exports and imports in Romania, compared to EU countries

EXPORTS  Across the 27 countries of the European Union, were exported, in 2012, products totaling 4.515,1 billion, of which 62.7% were within the Union and 37.7% with the other countries of the world. From 2003 until now, exports grew by 47.8% in the EU and 94.0% in other states. In 2012, among the countries of the European Union, 33.4% of the products exported were manufactured…

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Demographic aging process in Romania and Europe

The population of Romania is part of a descending trend from 1990 to the present. The causes are multiple: low growing number of newborns, high number of older people, the increase of average lifetime and the strong migration to Western Europe. In early 2012, in Romania were living, according to INS, 21.355.849 people, the vast majority (64.6%) being adults, 20.4% young and 15.0% – over…

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