Company’s mission

Addvances company’s mission is to ensure the development of government and private actors capacity in the preparation and implementation of economic and social development.

Company’s values


piramidManagement by objectives. Addvances organizational culture encourages team attitude oriented to a qualitative fulfillment of duties in an optimal and personal effectiveness along with experience.

Confidentiality. Addvances keeps confidential all data and information regarding the work and company’s clients. Breach of confidentiality is considered to be the most serious offense.

Originality and professionalism.  Defines the way of being of each member team and of the company as a whole. Addvances team professionalism is given by the high working standards and the originality is fed continuously through the development of tools and unpublished internal working methodologies.

Active participation in the development of the organization.  Addvances members are encouraged to actively participate in the evolution of the organization by identifying new opportunities for growth and diversification of business activity, optimizing work and developing/implementing social responsibility projects.

Appreciation for the team. Only by promoting mutual respect within the company, we can be sure of respecting customers, partners, suppliers or any other category of persons with whom we daily contact. Mutual respect is the guiding principle that defines our whole attitude and our actions.





ADDVANCES headquarters is in Iasi, Romania. The company has two local offices in Brussels (Belgium) and Bucharest (Romania).

ROMANIA - headquarters
A: Iasi, 155 Soseaua Nicolina
T: 0040 728­ 082 102
F: 0040 332­ 404 729
E: Office@Addvances.ro